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What is PictureTime

The Mobile Digital Movie Theatre (MDMT) is a portable theatre solution.It’s essentially a container/ portable unit that holds all the necessary components to set up a theatre,including an inflatable tent that accommodates 120-180 people, a secure compartment for a powerful 5.1/ 7.1 Dolby sound system and large cinema screen (with 3D capabilities), a high-definition projector room, a booking office, a power generator, an air conditioning unit,and personal storage and beds for staff during transit. The unique selling points of this product include a granted patent and three additional pending patents. Its complete portability is another distinct feature. Moreover, the company can produce 25 units a month. and requires only four permits.

Why PictureTime

In a country known for catapulting Bollywood and Tollywood onto the international stage, the average Indian still finds limited opportunities for quality cinematic experiences. Currently, India has 8,500 screens against a potential capacity of 50,000. Geographical constraints, infrastructure issues, and prohibitive costs like expensive tickets, costly food & Bevarages and transportation create a significant bottleneck. The majority are denied the immersive experience of cinema, while entertainment hubs and multiplexes grapple to attract deserved viewership. The emergence of OTT platforms has offered some solace but cannot replicate the joy of a shared, big-screen experience.

Our Solutions: PictureTime’s Mobile Digital Theatre – a global first.We’ve engineered a fully air-conditioned, digital theatre complete with a big screen and Dolby 5.1 / 7.1 surround sound that can be build in few days. With the ability to construct 25 units in just 30 days, we have positioned ourselves as the world’s fastest cinema builders. Our mission extends beyond bringing films to people; we are committed to identifying and collaborating with local and regional artists - filmmakers, musicians, and beyond, providing them with a platform for their talents.

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